The Bishop Arts District is home to the arts in more than just the name.  With deep seeded roots in the arts, this cultural hub in North Oak Cliff hosts more than 60 independent boutiques, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, theatres and art galleries. Highlighting the unique and ground-breaking, this area has attracted some of the best art that Dallas has to offer.  From the artistically plated food and drink at the local restaurants, to the charmingly painted homes and walls, the Bishop Arts District is a Dallas favorite.   One of the biggest draws to the Bishop Arts District are the large scale murals seemingly on every corner of this neighborhood.  So, grab your camera and get ready to liven up your Instagram feed with these iconic Bishop Arts murals:   Bishop Highline’s Bishop Arts Mural- Located at 431 Melba Street   Bishop Highline Apartments commissioned this piece by blind artist, John Bramblitt, in 2018.  
  Stevie Ray Vaughn Mural- Located at the corner of 9th Street and North Madison   This Lyric mural by artist Derek Nemunaitis is easily one of the district’s most instagrammed spots.  
  Black and White Cactex- Located Behind Mini-Fab   mini-Fab, a shop specializing in personalized beard combs, straight razors and groomsmen gifts, commissioned Wheron Art for this piece in 2015.  
  Love Equation Mural- Located at the corner of Davis and Madison   Created by Daniel Garcia, Mario Garcia and Janet Aguirre, this mural is a favorite for engagement shoots!  
  Garden Walls- Located at the Bishop Ave and Melba St Intersection   This 120-foot long mural was painted by artists Haylee Ryan and Courtney Miles in 2017.  
  “Art is Everywhere” in the Bishop Arts District- this is demonstrated well in the Bishop Highline boutique apartments. With artistically inspired floorplans, creative amenities and the newest mural to grace the Bishop Arts District at its 431 Melba location, Bishop Highline takes the culture of this neighborhood personally. Come find out what makes Bishop Highline as unique as the Bishop Arts District itself.  Call 972-982-7323 to schedule your tour today!